NBC news story on Goth (2 part special), Atlanta 1991
Club Fetish, Atlanta 1991-1993
DragonCon special guest/mainstage performer, Atlanta 1993
Porno for Pyros (dancer for band onstage, also opening act as Club Fetish), Atlanta 1993
Dome Cosmetics hair extension model, Atlanta 1988-1995
BellSouth Yellow Pages tv commercial, Atlanta 1998
Bodhi music video (for MTV), Atlanta 1999
MC Majes-T "Your Girl" music video (for MTV, BET, etc), Atlanta 2002
Jawan fetauring JadaKiss "It's Jumpin" music video (for MTV, BET, etc), Atlanta 2002 - sample clip of video (outside of my site)
DragonCon ,Troma Films Tromette, Atlanta 2003
GothCon special guest, Atlanta 2003 (convention cancelled due to founder's illness)
"Alternative Worldz" film by Adam & Eve (Ron Royster,director), Atlanta 2004
"That's Just Wrong" film by Joe Christ, lead role, Atlanta 2004
IMDB as Little Sebastien
DomCon special guest, Atlanta 2004-2009
"Killers", (starring Ashton Kutcher), background actor, Atlanta 2009
Delta commercial, background actor, Atlanta 2010
"Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son", (starring Martin Lawrence), background actor, Atlanta 2010
"Fast Five", (starring Vin Diesel), background actor, Atlanta 2010


Leza Ayn Duncan, 1987
Jeff Jacoby, 313 Salon, 1988-1993
Sam Patton (Tease / Bettie Pages magazine), 1994
Vance Wingo, 2001
Mark D Sullivan, 2001
Tom Eitnier, 2001
Ed Selby, 2001
Scarlet Star, 2001
Monsante Bey, Bey Creative Images 2001
Steven Andres, 2002
Dany Nieves, PhotoGraphicArts 2002
Dan West, 2002
Tom Riz, 2002
Harlan Overlike, 2002
Andrew, 2002
Flynn, Bad Moon Studios 2002
Dane, 2002-2008
Tsubasa, Studio F 2002
Eugene Trunzo, 2002
Dustin Hall, 2002
David Allio, 2003
Robert Gregory Griffeth, RGG site 2003-2009
Edwin Williams, 2003
Andy Westbrook, The Letter and Fine Art Wordshop, 2003
Mike,, 2004
Edward James, ,, 2004-2007
Steve Diet Goedde, 2005
Bonnie Heath, 2007
Robert Owens, 2010


Ads for Three13 Salon, 1988-...
ETC magazine, 1992-1993
Creative Loafing, article about Ozric Tentacles and articles about Masquerade, 1992-1995
Articles about Club Fetish in the Tampa paper, 1993
"The True Quest for the Holy Grail" by Frater TSH, MBC,Inc. 1997
Tease magazine, 2003
Kinkycards, 2002
Broken Halos Photography Book (as Andora), 2003
MarsDust Troma article and covergirl, 2003
"Women Running Naked Volume 1" by Harlan Overlike, 2004
Issue of Flaming Carrot as a Tromette, 2004
Prick Magazine, April Issue, 2004
Numerous articles in newspapers/magazines in the USA and internationally in reviews of That's Just Wrong, 2004 -
"The Naked and The Lens", by Louis Benjamin, Focus Press 2009
Issue of Bizarre Magazine, May 2010


Kelly Barrs (sketch), 2000
Tony Stewart "ArtBoy" (painting), 2001
Jason Ahlquist (painting), 2002
Mark Baranowski (sketch), 2002
Flynn, Bad Moon Studios (painting), 2002
Tsubasa (digital painting), 2002
Sin Rabe (digital painting), 2003
Johannes Schrewelius (digital painting), 2004

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